SSC Sarawak Junior Badminton Circuit (SJBC) 2021

After the successful launch of the 1st SSC Sarawak Junior Badminton Circuit (SJBC) in Kuching on the 6 February, the SJBC committee had their meeting with the next organizers  from Miri through “Zoom” last Friday 19 February. The SJBC committee consist of:

  • Dr Ong Kong Swee, CEO of SSC
  • Johnny Ng, President of KBA
  • Ahmad Rodzli Hashim
  • Lawrence Chew
  • Nikram Shazran

The Sarawak Junior Badminton Circuit belongs to Sarawak Sports Corporation (SSC) and the circuit is managed by Kuching Badminton Association (KBA). Every division is part of the stakeholder of the game and SSC is really focusing  to develop the game at the grassroot level.

During the meeting, the SJBC committee has accorded unlimited tournaments in every division. It is through the divisions that the committee believes where the grassroots development is. Every division will get their events subsidized by SJBC and basically no additional cost is to be borne by the division.

The reports of the 1st tournament has indicated an issue-free event for the children to play without umpires, line judges or any coaching. Values such as fairness, sportsmanship, friendship, independency and etc. were used on and off the courts. This is to develop good character and sportsmanship among all young and future badminton youths who will take part in the circuits.

The following 18 events has been indicated and some divisions has already indicated the interest of organizing a few more. We are probably now expecting more than 20 events to be held this year. This will depend on the Covid-19 situation where each division must consult and work closely with their local SDMC and to make sure that they follow strictly the SOP from MK and Sarawak Disaster management committee  (SDMC ).

The ranking system is now in place with the first ranking points collected in Kuching. The next event will be in Miri on the 27 and 28 March.

Sarawak Sports Corporation