SSC Junior Age Group Tennis Tournament – ​​SSC 2022

Sarawak Sports Corporation (SSC) main role is to provide a comprehensive sports development program in Sarawak. Development program focuses on finding new athletes and provides comprehensive training program in an effort to produce athletes with high potential. This effort is being carried out in development centres that have been identified throughout Sarawak.

There are two centres under Sport Development Division (BPS) in Sarawak Sports Corporation. The first centre, Pusat Elit Permulaan or known as PEP provides a basic training program in honing and mastering the basic skills of every sport – including tennis. Next step is   any talented athlete will be registered to the next program Pusat Elit Cemerlang where they exposed to strategies and tactics to face outside tournaments/ competitions.

There are several Pusat Elit Permulaan (PEP) and Pusat Elit Cemerlang (PEC) in certain division. In order to see the progress of the athletes in all the development centres, the Sports Development Division (BPS) is currently planning and had organised several competitions for internal level of development centres and also between the development centres throughout Sarawak.

In addition, for  tennis development program currently under SSC, (4) development Centres in Sarawak located at SMK Tabuan Jaya Kuching, Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association (SLTA), Miri Tennis Complex, and in Bintulu (starting August 2022) are ongoing.

SSC Junior Age Group Tennis Tournament are one of the tennis development program organised by Sarawak Sports Corporation under Sports Development Division (BPS). This tournament is for tennis players who are registered under the Sports Development Program at PEP and PEC levels only. It aims to give exposure and experience to all athletes in competition at a high level.

Therefore, the SSC Junior Age Group Tennis Tournament is also seen as benchmark for  readiness of the players to face the tournament as well as determine the position or seeding of the players in development centres.

SSC Junior Age Group Tennis Tournament is managed using league format and runs throughout the year. There were several series known as LEG and was held for the year 2022 as follows:

1. SSC Junior Age Group Tennis Tournament Leg 1 in Kuching in March 2022 held at the SLTA Tennis Court.

2. SSC Junior Age Group Tennis Leg Tournament Leg 2 in Miri on 26 – 28 August 2022 at the Miri Tennis Sports Complex.

3. SSC Junior Age Group Tennis Leg Tournament Leg 3, still in planning.

In addition, there were several tennis tournaments had been held early this year in collaboration with SLTA which involve competitions open to players other than PEP and PEC players such as Sarawak Closed, Inter – Division and Kuching Closed Tournament.

Moving forward,SLTA and its divisional affiliates will continue to organise junior competitions for general public regardless  the juniors are being trained.

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