SSC Function

To build, manage and maintain sports facilities such as stadiums, games venues and other amenities in Sarawak for official and public use, competitive sports and recreational purposes.

To better promote public's interest in sports and games in Sarawak by means of providing and managing the necessary equipment and facilities or amenities for training and preparation required by any sports, games and other recreational activities. This include the development of sports.and games in Sarawak.

To become Sarawak State Government agency actively involve in coordinating; facilitating; organizing and supporting the promotion of any sports and games for competitive and recreational purposes including exhibitions and parades. SSC also aims to coordinate and facilitate the awarding of grants or contributions towards the success of the events.

To coordinate and monitor sporting activities by all sports associations and bodies in Sarawak. To assist by supporting and facilitating the organizing of national and international events to be held in Sarawak; by giving advice and recommendations to ensure their success.

To provide grants, sponsorship and other financial assistance to sports bodies, sportspersons, coaches and sports administrators and officials at all levels or any other persons in the State to organize or participate in sporting activities or to undergo training or to pursue a course of study or research in the field of sports;

To recommend, provide and award incentives for, and recognition of achievements by deserving sportsmen, sportswomen, their coaches, sports associations; sports administrators and officials in Sarawak.

To undertake studies before suggesting recommendations to Sarawak State Government on policies, strategies and implementation measures to be formulated or adopted for the development and advancement of sports standard in the State.

To perform and undertake all relevant matters and action which may be incidental to or consequential upon the exercise of its powers under this Ordinance.

Sarawak Sports Corporation