KUCHING: Sarawak Sports Corporation has hosted a live webinar entitled “WHAT FUELS PANDELELA” as part of the sports nutrition education series. This webinar series 1 a little bit special compared to the others 4 series, High Performance Unit have invited Malaysia’s or Sarawak Diving Queen Ms Pandelela Rinong Pamg to share her daily dietary intake during training, competition in normal and pandemic circumstance, recovery strategies, supplementation and also a few questions about her personal opinion in the interview session. This session aims to make sure Sarawak athletes have ideas (inspired) in planning their own diet and practise the nutrition knowledge that has been given to them in every nutrition session with sports nutritionist as sports nutrition is one of the important parts to key performance. In this webinar, Sarawak athletes also have golden opportunities to ask question learn and be inspired by Ms. Pandelela in how she strategizes her diet according to her training program.

The webinar was attended by over 500 athletes, coaches, Sports Development Officer and Sarawak Association but unfortunately Sarawak ‘s zoom meeting was limited to 500 participants only. The webinar has been officiated by Dr Ong Kong Swee, CEO Sarawak Sports Corporation “Indeed, nutrition is an important element for sports achievement. To achieve success in sports, athletes, besides the need for passion for the sports concerned and the thrill of competing (enjoy with competition) also need the proper nutrition and dietary intake to maximize their potential as a champion. Just look at the athletes participating in the Olympics, especially our speaker for today’s session, Miss Pandelela Rinong, the greatest glory as an athlete at the most prestigious stage! Their motivation is not only from the internal impetus and their behaviour is self-determined, they are also supported by a healthy dietary intake and proper meal planning. Even during this pandemic of Covid-19, they were still able to compete for the country” said Dr Ong Kong Swee. The webinar featured Ms. Pandelela. It has been moderated by Ms.  Jennet Judith Anak Unying and assisted by Mr. Sharil Gasit, Sports Nutrition Unit, High Performance Unit, Sarawak Sports Corporation.  Dr Ong also hopes all of the participants involved in the webinar, especially Sarawak athletes Take the key points, foster themselves with the good nutrition idea to maximize our performance. If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

Sarawak Sports Corporation