Kuching Powerlifting Meet set for Jan 6

Kuching Powerlifting Meet set for Jan 6

KUCHING: Members of the public are invited to come and witness the Kuching Powerlifting Meet 2018 (KPM 2018) which will be held at Crossfit Kuching to be held on January 6 from 9 am.

Powerlifting comprises three disciplines namely Squat, Bench and Deadlift with the two categories which will be contested are namely the Men’s Open Weight Class and  Women’s Open Weight Class. A total of 28 competitors from all over Malaysia including Sarawak are expected to compete in the exciting event jointly sponsored by Crossfit Kuching, Breadwinners, Bedwetters, Samurai, Zealfit, Redbull, Reebok, Standard Issue and Maxler.

Powerlifting Kuching was   formed by Lau Zhi Ming and Eric Soon with the aim to provide a platform for athletes of different backgrounds to showcase their strength in the sports as well as to promote the health and mental benefits of strength training and powerlifting in East Malaysia.

Eric said Powerlifting Kuching’s future plans are to strive to provide recognition to all strength athletes of all levels through hosting powerlifting competitions regularly.

Powerlifting brings the best out of everyone. It is a sport that focuses on self-improvement. The satisfaction and confidence you get from lifting heavy weights are unmatched.

The growing interest in powerlifting in recent years has been credited to the creation of the raw category (which requires less equipment compared to the equipped category), making the sport more accessible to the general public. Powerlifting seems to also attract demographics not usually associated with lifting heavy weights, including senior citizens and women, because of the focus on health, safety and lifting with proper form.

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