Kejohanan Ginibun CUP Rugby 7s 2023

Program/Kejohanan : Kejohanan Ginibun CUP Rugby 7s 2023

Tarikh & Masa : 22 Jun hingga 26 Jun

Lokasi : Padang B Stadium penampang

Anjuran : Pangazao Rugby Club / Sanction by Sabah Rugby Union & Malaysia Rugby

Kategori :

Men’s Open

Women’s Open

Veteran’s Team

Jumlah Penyertaan : 1

SSC Development

Kategori disertai : Women’s Open

Objektif/Matlamat :

1. Skill Development: Tournaments provide an opportunity for teams to challenge themselves and improve their skills. Participating in high-level competition can push team members to expand their abilities, learn from their opponents, and gain valuable experience that can be used to enhance their performance in future events.

2. Recognition and Exposure: Tournaments often attract attention from spectators, media, and potential sponsors. Teams may aim to gain recognition for their achievements, increase their visibility in the industry or community, and attract sponsorship or funding opportunities.

3. Networking and Collaboration: Tournaments bring together teams from different regions or organizations, providing a platform for networking and collaboration. Teams can connect with other professionals, coaches, scouts, and industry insiders, which may lead to future partnerships, coaching opportunities, or talent scouting.

4. Team Bonding and Camaraderie: Participating in a tournament can foster team spirit, unity, and camaraderie among teammates. The shared experience of competing together in a high-pressure environment can strengthen the team’s relationships, enhance communication, and build trust among team members.

5. Benchmarking and Evaluation: Tournaments offer a chance for teams to evaluate their performance against other skilled opponents. By comparing their results and gameplay with other teams, they can identify their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This evaluation can help guide their training and strategy for future competitions.

6. Fun and Enjoyment: Tournaments are exciting and enjoyable events for both players and fans. Participating in a tournament allows teams to immerse themselves in the thrill of competition, enjoy the experience, and celebrate their passion for the sport or activity they are engaged in.

Keputusan :

Ginibun 7s

Day 1

24 June

1st Game

WIPERS *22* vs *7* SSC Development

2nd Game

KK Sharks *0* vs *10* SSC Development

3rd Game

SSC Development *27* vs *5* STJ Eagles

4th Game

Sabah Development *0* vs *12* SSC Development

Finish Day 1


*Ginibun 7s*

Day 2

25 June

5th Game

SWRC Angels *15* vs *0* SSC Development

Final Plate

SSC DEV *10* vs *5* SABAH DEV

Result : 🏆🥇 Champion Plate

*Rank 3 Overall*

Disediakan oleh:

Rohizat Achop Bin Borhan Janang

Pegawai Pembangunan Sukan


Sarawak Sports Corporation