Analyse and innovate to boost performance

PERFORMANCE analysis is a systematic observation aimed at enhancing performance and improving decision-making delivered primarily through the provision of objective statistical (data analysis) and visual feedback (video analysis).

In sports, it provides the athletes and coaches with objective information that can help them understand performance.

Performance analyst Mohd Shahril Abdul Rahim, who mans the Sarawak Sports Corporation High-Performance Unit’s sports performance analysis unit, evaluates the athletes’ progress based on their specific skills, physical fitness and outcomes of their performances via statistics and video recordings.

“The most common equipment used is the video recorder and statistics template. Some coaches like to look at statistics while others, the video recordings. The sports performance analysis is based on the coaches’ programmes,” he said.

Shahril’s analyses are based on the coaches’ training regimens and requests.

“Some coaches focus on the techniques and skills of their athletes while some on improving their physical and mental fitness,” he noted.

Out of 30 sports, he is now working with nine sports.

Source : The Borneo Post

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